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An IVR System enables customer-centric businesses to leverage the potential of the voice and speech enablement technologies to increase deployment of self service automation to serve a multitude of customers - global, international, and multi-lingual. Further, IVR System gives the organizations to speech enable new services and web applications across their IT infrastructure.


  • Intended to service high call volumes, reduce cost and improve the customer experience, 24x 7.
  • Eliminates the need for queuing and live agent, thereby allowing quick resolution time for queries.
  • Enabling IVR System translates into more time for agents to deal with complex interactions, avoiding basic inquiries that mostly require toggle responses ( Yes/No) or customer details.
  • Enables customer prioritization, depending on individual customers and their service status. Prioritization could also be based on the DNIS and call reason.
  • Logging of call details information in database for auditing, performance report, and future IVR system enhancements.
  • Imperium CTI application allows a contact center or organization to gather information about the caller as a means of directing the inquiry to the appropriate agent.
  • Enables transfering information about the individual customer and the IVR dialog from the IVR to the agent desktop using a screen-pop, making for a more effective and efficient service.

IVR Benefits

IVR solution enables CC agents to spend quality time on making successful business interactions.

  • Automation of operations

    IVR takes care of callers seeking account balances, process transactions, balance transfers, flight timings, or just promotional schemes.

  • Efficient management of agent workforce

    Reduces the need for additional expenses on staffing and training.

  • IVR Designer

    With IVR designer, configuration of call flows on-the-fly for end-to-end caller experience is easy and simple. Intuitive drag and drop abilities are an added advantage as they do not require knowledge of complicated programming constructs.

  • 3rd-Party Database Integration

    Ability to integrate with third party databases allows agents to obtain the relevant and accurate information quickly.

  • Reduced Wait Time

    IVR enables reduction of caller wait times with the help of flexible call queue management. Accurate information to callers on estimated wait-times offers them the choice of calling back at a specific time and hence saves time during their busy schedule.

  • Call Que Monitoring

    Supervisors can monitor and manage call queues to ensure that agents are uniformly distributed across queues.

  • Real-Time and Updated Information

    IVR reduces the dependency of humans for information retrieval and record searching, ensuring higher productivity and allocations of resources for more critical tasks.

IVR Platforms

Avaya Voice Portal, Avaya VMPRO & ACCS

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